Choose the best for you and your loved ones! With us, Quality always comes first.

All products available in our stores must meet certain quality standards. That’s why at Pletenina Špenko, we make sure to check safety, usability and quality depending on the product category.

With the OCS certificate – Standard for the content of organic mixtures of materials, which is used for all non-food products and contains at least 5% organic matter, we ensure that the authenticity and quantity of the material is always checked in the final product.

For the RWS certificate – Standard with responsibility for the origin of wool, it is especially important that at Pletenine Špenko we responsibly and carefully select wool from certified farms that ensure the physical and psychological well-being of animals throughout their life cycle.

With the RCS – Recycling Standard certificate, we care about nature and are respectful of the environment, so our products are made from recycled materials, thereby reducing various environmental impacts in terms of CO2 emissions and the consumption of natural resources of raw materials, water and energy.

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Where can you get our quality knitwear?

Trgovina Pletenine Špenko - Veleprodaja in maloprodaja
Ajdovščina - Trgovina Pletenine Špenko
Bled - Trgovina Bled
Bohinjska Bistrica - Trgovina Vema
Brežice - Top Textil
Celje - Trgovina Lea
Cerklje na Gorenjskem - Trgovina Julija
Črnomelj - Trgovina Kvačka
Gradac v Beli Krajini - Trgovina Irena
Ilirska Bistrica - Silver Mode
Izola - Trgovina Lara
Jesenice - Ona On
Kamnik - Trgovina Pletenine Špenko
Kočevje - Ona on
Kranj - Zora tekstil
Kranj - Trgovina Maja
Ljubljana - TC Murgle - Trgovina Pletenine Špenko
Ljubljana - Plava Laguna - Ona On
Ljubljana - Outlet - Ona On
Ljubljana - BTC Hala A - Ona On
Ljubljana - Trgovina V club
Ljubljana - Trgovina Jelka
Ljubljana - Trgovina Brokat
Litija - Trgovina Slivna
Ljutomer - Simtis
Maribor - City Center - Top Textil
Maribor - Lolita
Maribor - Trgovina Dekor
Maribor - Salon mode
Murska Sobota - Trgovina Lan
Novo mesto - Ona On
Novo mesto - Ona On
Pivka - Tekstil Suzi
Postojna - Čistilnica Grže
Prevalje - Trgovina Lipi
Ptuj - Prodajalna Sabina
Ptuj - Trgovina Zvezda
Radenci - Pletenine Špenko
Slovenj Gradec - Prodajalna Tajda
Slovenj Gradec - Trgovina Veur
Tržič - Lady & Man
Velenje - Ona On
Vrhnika - Tekstilni kotiček
Zagorje ob Savi - Trgovina Kum
Žalec - Top Textil
Žalec - Ona On
Hrvaška - Zagreb - Robna kuća Nama
Hrvaška - Zagreb - Robna kuća Nama
Grosuplje - Kvačka Grosuplje