St. Nicholas is visiting Pletenine Špenko again!

The year is over and the magical December is here again. If you have been good, our first good man, St. Nicholas will visit you again this year. Also this winter on these cold days, he will wrap you in warm knitwear, so he is now gifting you with the coupon code: NICHOLAS15 which gets you 15% discount. Gift yourself and your loved ones this magical December.

The discount applies to all new and undiscounted knitwear from 4th of December to 8th of December 2023, which you can redeem in our online store or in our branches in Slovenia and Croatia.

Redeem the coupon by entering the code NICHOLAS15 in the box at the top of the page at checkout.

Discounts are not cumulative.

Slovenian product made with love.

Saint Nicholas also gives you discount in our branches in Slovenia and Croatia!